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Drink Safe - Q&A

Q. What is drink spiking?
In most cases, illicit drugs are unobtrusively slipped into beverages of unsuspecting victims at dance parties, bars or nightclubs. These substances are colorless, tasteless and odorless so the victim has no way of knowing what is in the drink and the effect it can have. The drink when consumed can leave the victim defenseless and vulnerable.

Q. Where can drink spiking happen?
It can take place at any venues that sell alcohol and is predominantly reported to take place in bars, clubs and hotels. Drink spiking can also occur at private parties.

Q. What are some side effects from drink spiking?
Dizziness, nausea, vomiting, feeling inhibited and memory loss.

Q What drugs are used to spike drinks?

  • Alcohol is still the most common drug used to spike drinks.
  • GHB and Ketamine are the most common illicit drugs used in drink spiking.
  • They are used because: they are cheap and easily available, (GHB is manufactured in back yard labs ), found in liquid form, put the victim in a defenceless state, induce memory loss, and are virtually untraceable in the body within hours.

Q. What is GHB?
GHB stands for gamma hydroxybutyrate, a central nervous system sedative often referred to by other names such as “Fantasy”, "Grievous Bodily Harm" and "Liquid Ecstasy." Mixing GHB with alcohol can be fatal.

Q. What is Ketamine?
Ketamine is an injectable anesthetic that has been approved for both human and animal use in medical settings since 1970. About 90 percent of the Ketamine legally sold today is intended for veterinary use. Its slang or street names are Special K, Kitty Kat, K.

Q. What is Rohypnol?
Rohypnol is a brand name for Flunitrazepam, a powerful sedative that is often referred to by other names such as "roofies" and "rowies”. Rohypnol is very difficult to obtain and now has a blue dye in it to enable easy detection in a beverage, as well as the formula has been changed that it is no longer soluable when mixed with alcohol. The authorities state is not used for drink spiking anymore.

Q. What is a Drink Spike Detector (DSD)?
Drink Spike Detector by Drink Safe Technologies™ tests for both GHB and Ketamine. About the size of a credit card, the card incorporates world-patented technology that displays a visible color change when a drink spiked with GHB or Ketamine is tested. Each card can test two drinks.

Q. How does the DSD work?
Due to their size and ease of use, the test cards are relatively inconspicuous and can be used discreetly. The test takes only seconds to perform, and is as easy as placing a couple of drops from the drink in questions onto the active test spots using a swizzle stick, straw or even ones finger.

Q. Why has Drink Safe Technologies developed such a unique product?

  • To cater for the consumer needing a preventative tool to work against the issue of drug facilitated crime, especially sexual assault.
  • To be innovative and a market leader.
  • To adapt to an evolving market that needs to be socially responsible.
  • To act as a deterrent against drink spiking – when the cards are around the predators stop spiking as now there is a way to be caught.

Q. Are there similar products to DSD available in the market place?
In Australia, Drink Spike Detector is the first preventative tool to be launched into the market place.

Q. What drinks can the DSD be used with?
Beers, most mixed drinks (vodka, whisky, bourbon, rum, and tequila), certain cocktails and soft drinks.

Q Who is the target market?
Anyone that drinks in social situations including male, female young or old. Also, targeted at parents to purchase for young adults over 18.

Q What drinks are not covered by the DSD?
Some wine products, beverages containing milk products or cream, oily liqueurs, tonic waters, real acidic fruit juices or beverages containing real acidic fruit juices.

Q. Where will the DSD be available?

Q What size is the DSD?
The Drink Spike Detector is the size of a credit card, and therefore handy to put into a bag, purse or wallet.

For further information, please contact
Dean Sunshine at Drink Safe Technologies
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