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Thanks for your interest in our products. The goal of this project from the onset was to have a simple, relatively rapid test to detect the most abused drugs commonly being slipped into an unsuspecting victim's drink. We knew that cost would be a major factor as to whether the devices would be made available worldwide, and in turn, be a useful tool in combating this crime.

Our technology to detect illicit drugs in beverages is patent pending information, so we are unable to disclose the exact mechanism of the reaction. Suffice to say, it is not an enzymatic assay, but instead based upon well-established, chemical colorimetric indicators. With this in mind, specificity is broadened. But this doesn't take away from the effectiveness of this product. Whether it is a 'Date Rape' drug, or a similar enantomer, it doesn't belong in anyone's drink. Will there be 'false positives', possibly. But that is why the operators of this test are directed to discard any beverage with a positive response.

Please don't be confused. This isn't a detailed forensic analysis of every persons drink who uses it, that's what a gas chromatograph or HPLC is intended for. But it may save the life of someone, somewhere who thought they could trust that their drink was safe. It is designed to detect what we were able to ascertain where reasonable concentrations of drugs in solution. It is not designed to detect micrograms per liters of solutions. Just reasonable, potentially health threatening amounts as best determined by speaking with local, state and federal law enforcement.

Testing Protocol
Drink Safe Technology, Version 1.2 was designed to detect Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate (GHB) and Ketamine in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Organizations with the desire and means to confirm our testing results may do so following this protocol. Any derivation from it will null and void all claims made by Drink Safe Technologies, Inc. as to the effectiveness of Version 1.2.

The suggested dosing is derived from forensic research and direct communication with local, state and federal law enforcement. This is not to say that these are the minimum concentrations Version 1.2 can detect, but instead it is only a typical representation of drug dosing utilized in drug-facilitated sexual assault.

Feedback is of the utmost importance to us. Our goals are to create future versions of this technology (i.e. 1.3, 1.4 etc.) with incorporated improvements with respect to feedback and suggestions returned to Drink Safe Technologies, Inc.

Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate (GHB)
Utilizing 3.0 grams of certified Gamma Hydroxy-butyrate (GHB) complexed with either sodium or potassium salt dissolved into an 8 ounce beverage.

Utilizing 1.0 grams of certified Ketamine HCl dissolved into an 8 ounce beverage.

A ‘Safe Drinks List’ will be made available on the Drink Safe Technologies website As new beverages are tested and confirmed, they will be added to this list. Please see this section for a more detailed list.

Drink Safe Technology Version 1.2 has been tested and confirmed to be effective in detecting the presence of Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate (GHB) and Ketamine in the following beverages:

All bottled waters, cola and soft drink products, beers and ales, hard spirits such as vodka, gin and whiskey, scotch and so on, and mixed drinks containing them.

Drink Safe Technology Version 1.2 is NOT CURRENTLY
RECOMMENDED for very acidic beverages (straight fruit juices like orange juice, grapefruit, etc., or drinks containing them).

Some wines have been proven effective while others have not. At the present time, no wine products are currently recommended

It is not recommended for use with any milk products, or beverages containing milk products, créme or oily liquors.

Any drinks containing tonic water (quinine) are not currently recommended.



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