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Prostitute's drink spiked before attack, court told
Christine Caulfield

A MAN repeatedly raped a prostitute after spiking her drink at a pub, a jury heard yesterday.

Juan Linton, 31, of Mentone, used a syringe to spike the woman's drink with the party drug GHB before raping her seven times, the County Court was told.

Prosecutor George Slim told the jury Mr Linton approached the woman at Frankston's Pier Hotel on April 29 last year, and offered to drive her home after slipping the drug in her drink.

The woman, in her 30s, had finished work at Palace Playmates brothel and was drinking alone when Mr Linton sat down at her table and introduced himself as "Nifty".

Feeling dizzy, nauseous and numb after her drink, she accepted the lift home, Mr Slim said.

The jury heard the woman tried to escape when Mr Linton drove her to Frankston beach, but the drug had taken effect and she could not move.

Mr Slim told the court Mr Linton raped her five times as she lapsed in and out of consciousness on the ground.

He drove her home, raped her twice more, then stole almost $500 from her purse before fleeing, the jury heard.

The woman reported the attack to police the next day and Mr Linton was arrested soon after at his Mentone home.

The court heard he was wearing a distinctive black necklace with silver studs when he was arrested -- a necklace matching a description the victim had given.

Mr Linton allegedly ripped off the necklace and dumped it in his back yard before being taken into custody.

Mr Slim said a search of his car revealed a small syringe containing traces of GHB, a powerful sedative known colloquially as Grievous Bodily Harm.

Mr Linton pleaded not guilty to seven counts of rape and two counts of indecent assault, but admitted robbing the victim.

Defence lawyer Bruce Nibbs said his client had engaged in consensual sex with the woman at her house. "She invited him to her place. He took her there and consensual intercourse took place," Mr Nibbs said.

The woman gave evidence in a closed court yesterday.

The trial continues.


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