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The Herald Sun
May 3 2009

Drugs test for drinks

MELBOURNE Lord Mayor Robert Doyle has called for a statewide tool of drink-spiklng detectors to stamp out date rapes and sexual assaults In Victorian pubs and clubs.

In a bid to protect Victorians from predators laclng drinks with drugs, Mr Doyle has encouruged licensed venues to test technology to catch them.

If successful, pubs could charge an extra 5 cents a drink to cover the cost of detection devices and market their venue as a "safe house", he said.

A Melbourne business has pledged to put drink coasters, able to pick up common date rape drugs GHB and ketamine, in bars for $1.25 each.

The Brumby Government has also supported a statewide trial.

Brunswlck-based business Drink Safe Technologies has distributed it's coaster detector overseas, Including the US, and the device has been used in New South Wales bars and tested by the Victorian Police Forensic Services.

A sample from the drink is dropped on the coaster which changes colour if the drugs are present.

Mr Doyle said the cost and effectiveness of the technology would need to be evaluated but something "had to be done".





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